About Us

peakmutt athletic wear

PeakMutt Athletics was created in Charlotte, NC out of a love for animals, exercise, and stretch pants! Sarah and her husband Danny adopted Gunner in 2016 from North Meck Animal Rescue. After fostering for a few years, Luna came into their lives. She fit in so well and became a "foster fail" in 2018 landing herself a permanent spot in the Speake home.
Sarah grew up in Nashville, TN with a serious animal obsession. She used to sit on the hill during P.E. and watch the horses in the neighboring pasture.  After years of begging, her parents broke down and got her her first dog, Holly. Holly was the greatest mutt in the world and only increased Sarah's love for animals. After volunteering at NMAR for a while, she knew she wanted to do more. That's why a portion of all sales will go to dog rescues.