The Mutts



Gunner was the first Speake family mutt. He was adopted in November of 2016 and Sarah and Danny have been obsessed with him since. Gunner is in charge of office security.




Luna started as a foster in January of 2018 but made herself right at home. It's always said that we didn't choose to adopt her, she just decided to stay. Luna is in charge of organizing office lunches and brewery trips.



Chloe is a foster dog living with Sarah's sister-in-law, Sara. Chloe has DM which is slowly taking away her ability to walk. She loves watching Bravo in bed and having scrambled eggs for breakfast! Chloe is the namesake for our first tank top and the charitable portion of that item will go towards Atlanta Boxer Rescue.




Nikki was the Speake family dog when Danny was a child. She was the around before Danny and his brothers were even born! Since she was a flagship mutt in the family it only seemed appropriate to name the one of the first products after her!